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Flowers are the gift of nature. We spread joy through their beauty to  communicate and further our connection with one another.  Based in the expressive district of Shoreditch, our florists take inspiration  from their surroundings, putting character into each individual bouquet. Within  our little pink shop, we consistently create floral designs that are guaranteed to  inspire happiness and mesmerise you.  


Bring a smile to someone’s face for any and every reason, no matter the  occasion; we will cater to all your needs. Our florists are always happy to advise  you on the best options relating to all your events and occasions, taking into  account your own personal requirements. Focusing on high standards, quality is  never overlooked on any of our arrangements. We believe the curation of our  flowers should be as beautiful as the flowers themselves. 


One of the greatest ways to express personal feelings is to say it with  flowers. Send flowers today!

Our Story

Our journey began, unplanned, in 2016 and became known as our true  passion. It has been blossoming ever since. During the pandemic, the world stood  still, through the difficult times our little pink shop appeared and led the way to  Flowers With Swag.


At Flowers With Swag, we specialise in innovative and modern designs  that make a striking statement. We recognise the importance of incorporating  character into our flowers to ensure the true emotion is received. We skilfully  arrange them freshly by hand, the day before, to ensure they arrive to you the  same way they left us.  

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